TKS Photography Official Launch

Welcome to TKS Photography - Based in Kelowna, Inspired by the World

I am just a Canadian Photographer following a passion and a dream. 

A photograph is more than just a still image of a person, scene or event.  A photograph is meant to capture energy, excitement, depth... a story.  Something you want to share with others that you can be proud of.  I offer a collection of photographs that have inspired me throughout my travels.  Each with its own feel, its own memory, its own story.  I want to share these stories with you in the purest form of art available, high-quality canvas.  OR... 

Lets create your own story through my variety of different services.  Create something that is Uniquely YOU.  Expressive, Vibrant and Powerful images that capture YOUR story.   

For Inspiration, Check out my Catalog. For Creation, Contact me through Bookings